• Slavena

From the 80s with Love

When we talk about vintage fashion and wearable vintage fashion most people imagine themselves in the style of the 20’s through 70’s, however the 80’s should not be overlooked at all. Yes, there are pieces that you probably won’t be caught dead wearing but there are also items with great vibe and style. I personally like the sequin party dresses with their timeless elegance or vibrant party style.

Those dresses still look phenomenal and sometimes more affordable than the contemporary evening gowns, plus the craftsmanship is better than what you will ever hope to get at the local mall today or at a fair price.

Another favorite is the heavily beaded cardigan/jacket. I am in love with these extraordinary pieces, that look like art belonging in a gallery and not a wardrobe. Adrienne Vittadini and Judith Ann are my 2 favorites, however Laurence Kazar has a lot of good pieces and those are fairly easy to find at good prices. Judith Ann used to design for I. Magnin and although I have never owned one of her designs for the company, they are spectacular to see.

The beaded jacket can be a very trendy element, paired with jeans, slacks or a simple dress.

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