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Traveling Through Time in Kensington, Maryland Wearing Vintage Fashions...

Kensington, Maryland, is a lovely community located about 10 miles from Washington, D.C.

10417 Howard Avenue B&O Train Station built in 1891

This little town was not always the charming bustling hub it is today, up until the later part of the 19th century it was farming country.

The vast scene of agricultural land quickly changed in 1891 with the arrival of the B&O train station, which became the center point of development.

Re-living the 1940s at the train station

The Kensington station was designed by E. Francis Baldwin and is the second oldest train station in the county. It was constructed in the newly emerging American architectural Stick style, in which the outside walls mimic an exposed half-timbered frame.

Back in 1891 this train stop was known as Knowles Station named for George Knowles whose farm was subdivided to create much of the town today.

In front of the old ticket office

In the heart of Kensington lies a circular parkland with a grand mansion – Hadley Hall.

An early photograph of Hadley Hall

The owner was the prominent financier Brainard Warner, who built the house as a retreat for his family from the sweltering heat and humidity of Washington D.C.

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The mansion's design is in the Victorian Queen Anne style with an asymmetrical facade and huge porch, it became the model house for the neighborhood.

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Brainard Warner was also the person who named the town “Kensington Park” after the London garden district.

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In 1914 a carriage house was added at the back of the property.

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Model: Nadia Gaylin

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