1st Ed 1859 Miss Leslie's Behaviour Politness

  • Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book: A guide and Manual for Ladies Very Rare 1st edition printed in 1859 Published by T.B. Peterson & Brothers of Philadelphia Overall good condition for its age Full of helpful advice for proper behavior for ladies during the civil war era. “A guide and manual for ladies, as regards their conversation, manners; dress; introductions; entre to society; shopping; conduct in the street; at places of amusement; in traveling; at the table; either at home, in company, or at hotels; deportment in gentlemen’s society; lips; complexion; teeth; hands; the hair; etc. etc. “With full instructions and advice in letter writing; receiving presents; incorrect words; borrowing; obligations to gentlemen; offences; children; decorum in church; at evening parties; and suggestions in bad practices and habits easily contracted, which no lady should be guilty of, etc. etc.”

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