Antique  Farquharson & Wheelock Dress Silk Taffeta

Antique Farquharson & Wheelock Dress Silk Taffeta

  • Item #1058 Antique Farquharson & Wheelock Dress Circa 1916-1918 Edwardian Age The end of the Great War (WWI) Made out of black silk taffeta with raised velour applique It is trimmed with soft velvet at the hem and collar Underneath the jacket is a cream silk lining with Georgette fabric and lace shawl wrap, which is visible when the dress is worn. Size M - L Approximate measurements: Bust - 35" Waist - 30" Length - 55" The pictures and video show the dress grey with black applique, that is due to camera settings, it is black on black there is not such big contrast in color Dresses by Farquharson & Wheelock can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The Boston Museum. This is designer couture from the early 1900s established in Victorian age by Scottish emigrant sisters. Condition: the outward look of the dress is great, the lining inside is shredded as seen in pictures and video.If you plan to wear the dress, that needs to be replaced or ripped out. The lace is in beautiful condition.