JANE EYRE 1847 Charlotte Bronte Currer Bell

  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Second edition 1847 Smith, Elder & Co (not inscribed since title page is missing) Dedicated to W.M. Thackeray Condition: AS IS, title page is missing, boards are detached. "Although Jane Eyre was published [October 19, 1847] by the established firm of Smith, Elder, the number of first edition copies printed was probably small because this was the first published novel by an unknown author; however, as the work proved popular with the public, a second edition was published just three months later" "From its publication, the novel's exceptional emotional and narrative power made it a success, though, its despite its strict adherence to conventional moral standards, it was considered by many to be unsuitable for young ladies. Additional scandal attended the publication of the second edition, which Charlotte dedicated to Thackeray, unaware that he too has a wife certified as insane"

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