Victorian Evening Ball Gown Lace Dress

  • Item #1069 Lovely antique evening dress from the late Victorian, early Edwardian Age Circa 1890-1904 Label reads: Wemmer & Ulrich, Weisbaden (Germany) Black lace over pale blue silk with lovely trimmings 2 piece bodice and skirt Ecru lace detail in front High collar What is unique about this dress is the size, it will fit size M - L. Approximate measurements: Bust – 36” Waist of bodice – 29” Length of top – 16” shoulder to waist Waist of skirt – 26” (it has been repaired to make it smaller, can go up to 31”) Length of skirt – 45”, with train – 54” Sleeve – 13” Condition: The silk lining under the lace is shredding, the skirt has one very tiny hole, the bodice front ecru lace has small rust stain on either side.

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